Hitman 3 shows off murderous creativity in a new trailer

Hitman 3 was announced in June, and in the same vein, we were introduced to the new Dubai map, which revolves around the city’s iconic skyscrapers. Since then, we have also become acquainted with a mansion in England and neon-lit, rain-soaked city streets in China. And now a new trailer has been released, with sequences from all three!

The developers Io Interactive are proud of the creative assassination that their game allows, and this is very clear in the new trailer. The 47th strangles people, shoots them, knocks the shit out of them, pushes them down from bridges, pulls them down the elevator shaft and poisons them. If you are attentive enough, you may not even need a weapon to take your target by day, or you may be manipulating other people to do it for you.

Hitman 3 released on January 20, 2021 via Epic Games Store. Here is the new trailer.