Hogwarts Legacy PS5, PS4 Behind the Scenes Releases Invisibility Cloak

Imagine reading Harry Potter as a child and then working on an original story in the series. That’s the reality for many people in Avalanche, literally making their dreams come true with Hogwarts Legacy. This author played and loved titles like Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on the PS1, but he always dreamed of more than just a movie tie-in. This is that game

So the passion springs from this behind the scenes. In it, some of the key creators on the development team talk about their approach to building Hogwarts, including how they designed areas only described in the books. The art direction, as evident from the gameplay reveal, is top-notch, a big credit to the whole team for that.

The video is only about six minutes long, but it gives a decent look at the creative process, and is of course interspersed with gameplay clips and footage from the big reveal, as well as tons of concept art. Remember that you can see the full reveal here, with more to come in the coming weeks and months.