The Universe in your Pocket: What Mobile Gaming has Become A computer is in your pocket. This is no news flash to anyone, but still as we begin to rely and fully take for granted the utility of our mobile devices, games are now as portable as ever. Thanks to the digital age, the technology we routinely drop in toilets or break horsing around with a buddy puts to terrible shame the library of congress’s vast store of information.
Five Facts about the Tenchu Series Leaked footage of the new Assassins Creed hit the web recently. The rumours have now been confirmed; it’s going to take place in ancient Egypt, a rather original setting for a stealthy assassin. However, many fans let out a little sigh of disappointment, as their hopes for an AC game to take place in feudal Japan have once again been dashed (Feudal Japan is the perfect place for Assassins, it’s where ninjas were created for god’s sake!)
Top 10 Video Game Artistic Styles For decades now, video games have been defined by a few universal categories: sound, graphics, and game play – but possibly one of the most important is the art. How the game looks, the colors that leap off the screen, the way they mix and come to life.
What Makes a Good Survival Game? Survival games are by far my favourite genre in gaming. I can whittle away hours upon hours taming dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved, building shelters in The Forest, recreating my house in Minecraft, feeding my cubs in Shelter and running away from wolves in The Long Dark. Maybe it’s because, unlike a set narrative or structured mission, these things are endless.