Homemade gameplay of the graphic update which reinforces the immersion

We told you about it yesterday, the new Wreckfest update is here, and it is without warning that Bugbear has decided to flatter our retina on the PC version of the game with some significant graphics improvements.

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So on the menu of this graphics update on 13 GB PC (1.3 GB on PS5 …), we are entitled to an overall improvement in light, tire tracks with more relief on earth, but above all more realistic dust effects.

This addition is not revolutionary, but we quickly realize over the races that it is an element that was missing to reinforce the immersion of this happy mess in addition to adding a subtle element of gameplay: stagnant dust begins to appear in front of you? This is a sign that you are catching up with a pilot!

Bite the dust!

Trve de babla, here are two races with maximum graphics, note that the optimization has also been improved, the game running presents 120fps in 4K Ultra without drop in frame rate (with an RTX 3090) during the most resource-intensive times.

Now it only remains to know when this graphic evolution will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Since the game has been constantly evolving since its early access in 2014, and its growing success, there is little doubt that Bugbear will not let go of his little nugget so early for our greatest pleasure.