Homey is completely redoing – the smart home hub is moving to the cloud

For many years, Dutch Athom has been responsible for one of the most versatile smart home control systems with its Homey hub. In addition to a well-developed support for various wireless protocols that let your smart gadgets “talk” to each other, they also offer powerful tools for home automation.

Today, the company makes a major launch for the third time, perhaps the largest to date. Homey, which previously consisted of a physical device you place in the home and then configure via computer or mobile, moves up in the cloud and no longer requires a base unit. The functionality instead ends up in Homey’s app, which is free of charge but then limited to controlling five devices.

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For those of you who have more connected gadgets at home, there is Homey Premium, a subscription for 3 euros, a little more than SEK 30 a month. In this version, Homey works with several well-known ecosystems such as Google Assistant, Philips Hue and Sonos, but you who want to add devices with protocols such as bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave need to buy a Homey Bridge for 70 euros, or just over 700 kronor.

Greater freedom of choice

In short, it can be said that Athom makes the offer more flexible. Instead of buying an expensive base unit at a one-time price, you can “rent” the scheme for a monthly cost if you want, and combine it with a much cheaper Homey Bridge in this context.

This is what the new Homey offer looks like.

Those who do not like this alternative can instead turn to the existing base unit Homey Pro, which currently costs around SEK 4,000 and will continue to be sold in parallel with the new offer. Homey Pro supports all protocols and software features and requires no subscription.

Homey is currently one of the solutions that supports by far the most connected gadgets. According to the company, the system will work with over 50,000 different smart home products from more than 1,000 manufacturers.

Like all other players in the smart home, Athom would like to comment on the importance of integrity and honesty towards users. Especially when the processing changes from taking place locally to a cloud service, it is natural that some users may become skeptical.

– Integrity is our commitment to all customers. Your home is the most personal space there is and we are aware that you are very careful that no one spies on you. We also do not use personal data to create a unique profile about you, or for targeted ads, says Athom’s commercial manager Stefan Witkamp.

The new Homey app will start beta testing immediately. Interested members can sign up Athoms website, where the new Homey Bridge has now also started to be sold.