Horizon Forbidden West “officially” late 2022 according to Bloomberg

The mental oracles and the super hot springs of the video game industry were therefore right. The very serious Plume told you about it no later than 5:28 p.m., it is now almost certain: Horizon Forbidden West is late for the first quarter of 2022, if everything goes as planned …

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If Jeff Grubb (journalist of Venture Beat) was the one by whom the leak had arrived, this time the announcement which should soon become super official is also relayed by Jason schreier, the eminent journalist now officiating at Boomberg

And it is by a relaying tweet an article in good standing, that the famous insider, in turn sold off:

Sony has postponed the PlayStation Horizon Forbidden West exclusive to the first quarter of 2022, a Bloomberg source said, confirming a rumor shared by Jeff Grubb yesterday. The latest of many late 2021 titles to emerge from the video game industry.

Not that bad?

Another blow for Sony and its many fans in view of the end of the year? Not necessarily. Why ? You know that very well. There still won’t be enough PS5s for everyone by the end of the year, and the shortage may well last for quite some time …

Suddenly, in this tense context, you might as well wait and refine your weapons, before removing and spraying everything that moves, right? Maybe.

Do you think this new postponement of an iconic Sony game will be detrimental to him, or in fact … not at all? Thank you for your understanding …