How durable is the screen on Iphone 12

Iphone 12 and Iphone 12 Pro have just started to be sold and of course many Youtube channels are on and have published various tests. As usual, some choose to test how well the phones survive a fall test, and this year the question is extra interesting due to the new crystal glass that protects the screen and which Apple calls Ceramic Shield.

Everything Apple Pro has case tested both an Iphone 12 and a 12 Pro, and was impressed with the results. From head height to the concrete floor, both phones held without any cracks. Iphone 12 with its aluminum frame was a bit dented and even though the glass was intact, the screen on the Iphone 12 Pro was damaged.

From a height of three meters, Ceramic Shield kept falling on its side, but on the Iphone 12 Pro it cracked a little when the phone landed directly on the screen. The glass on the back was smashed when the phones landed with it down, but not in case of a fall on the side. The camera in Iphone 12 also broke.

Mobile Reviews Eh has done a different test using a pointed dynamometer. The iPhone 11’s screen broke at 352 newtons while the Iphone 12 first cracked at 443 newtons.

The channel also tested scratch resistance, and found that Iphone 12 manages without scratches at level six on Moh’s hardness scale, which scratches Iphone 11. It also gets less clear scratches at level seven.