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How to complete all Xbox Game Pass missions in 2023

How to complete all Xbox Game Pass missions in 2023
March 2023 Xbox Game Pass Missions
Image: Microsoft

Have you heard of Xbox Game Pass Quests? For subscribers to the service, it’s a great way to earn extra money while trying out different games. This article provides guides on how to complete the game-specific Xbox Game Pass missions each week to maximize your Microsoft Rewards points in 2023.

What are Xbox Game Pass missions?

XGP Twist Insider Preview

Xbox Game Pass Quests is a branch of Microsoft Rewards that allows you to earn redeemable points by completing various Xbox and Game Pass related objectives. These points can then be used to purchase various gift cards such as Xbox and Microsoft currency, as well as entry into contests and charitable donations. It’s basically like completing Achievements, but for real money.

These quests come in three varieties: daily, weekly, and monthly. Below you will find some guides to help you tackle some of the currently most challenging Quests for the week starting February 282023.

How to complete the March 2023 missions

Somerville – Play the Game (28/02 – 07/03)

Xbox Game Pass Quests March 2023 Somerville

This is one of those Quests that we all love! All you have to do is start the game.

  • Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5
  • Time to complete: 1 min
  • Available on xCloud? Yes