How to stop app tracking in iOS 14.5

IOS 14.5 is here and is a real update with several important news. Most important is the App Tracking Transparency feature for months, which means that you as a user can choose whether you want apps to track you outside the app.

So it’s not about what happens in each app, but about how apps also want to track you around the web to show more targeted advertising. You have probably noticed how you can search for a product on Google or an online store and vips advertising for that particular product appears in your feed on Facebook.

You can find the setting for this in Settings -> Privacy -> Tracking. It’s called Allow apps to request tracking and is off by default. This is how it works:

  • When activated, you will see a dialog box in the apps that want to track you, and you can say yes or no per app.
  • When it’s turned off, apps can not ask for permission, and no app can track you outside the app.

We want to point out that this setting does not affect companies’ ability to track you outside of apps and iOS. For example, if you are logged in to Facebook in the browser on your computer, the company can track you when you visit other sites that have Facebook tracking enabled. There are tracking blockers of various kinds, including built-in Safari, but it is not the same function as the built-in iOS 14.5.