How to use the new camera features in iOS 14

This year’s IOS update to version 14 includes a number of news in the Camera app that make photography and video recording better, even if you do not buy a new Iphone 12. On the one hand, it is news you can access directly in the app, and on the other hand, new settings.

If you have not seen any of the news, it may be because you have an older Iphone model. Apple has in fact activated most of the news on the Iphone XR, Iphone XS and later. Unfortunately, users with Iphone X or older only have access to a small part of the news.

Faster photography

Apple claims that it is 25 percent faster to take the first picture and up to 90 percent faster to take two or more pictures. On an Iphone X, we do not notice such a big improvement, but it goes a little faster. On newer phones, it can make a more noticeable difference. Photos in portrait mode should be 15 percent faster, which may not be enough for you to notice.

IN Settings -> Camera you will also find the new setting Prioritize faster shooting, which allows the app to select lower image quality if needed to capture an image faster. This can help you capture transient occasions such as when a child or pet is doing something fun.


Remember your settings

IN Settings -> Camera you will now find the new submenu Preset settings. Here you can choose whether the app should remember which setting you last used for camera mode (portrait, photo, video, etc.), filters and lighting, exposure compensation and Live Photo. For example, if you almost always take portrait photos with the Live and +0.5 exposure filters, you do not need to change settings every time.

Mirrored selfies

If you do not like to see yourself as others see you, you can now choose to activate Mirror the camera on the front in Settings -> Camera so that selfies are saved as you see them and not “upside down”. But keep in mind that it gets text and other things to also be mirrored.

Settings in the app

Simpler settings in the camera app

On the newer iPhone models that have many settings, Apple has now hidden options such as Live Photo, format, flash, filter and new exposure compensation. At the top in the middle you see a small arrow. Press it and the alternate toolbar will appear at the bottom (somewhat confusing, it may seem).

Exposure compensation

Exposure compensation

Just like on system cameras, you can now manually force the camera to expose brighter or darker than the auto exposure wants it to. Press the arrow in the middle to display more options and select plus minus icon (±). This replaces the old more complicated way of locking exposure and then swiping up or down.

Volume up for slide show

IN Settings -> Camera there is also a setting called Use Volume Up for Slideshow that activates just that: You can press and hold the Volume Up button to take multiple pictures in quick succession.

Not on old models
Older models, such as the Iphone X, have significantly fewer settings.