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Experiment with the history of the culturally marked and excellent Civ challenger Humankind.

I have probably never hated anyone as much as the hateful leader of Brazil. And then I do not mean in reality now, even though I am hardly a fan of Bolsonaro. No, I mean in Humankinds cultural melting pot to the strategy universe, where my poor high-tech Japan fought in vain to catch up with the brass’ many great deeds.

Yet not a single arrow, not a single rifle bullet, was fired between our nations. It was a cultural war, and a battle for raw materials. Plus plenty of sarcasm in all our many failed diplomatic meetings.

Humankind is a 4X strategy game in the same spirit as Civilization, but instead of a typical struggle for world domination, the various nations engage in a long cock-measuring competition through the millennia. Military world domination can certainly be a goal, if you decide to do so.

But it could just as easily be building the most lavish wonders, making the most money or being a diplomatic genius who tries to ride a free ride on all your allies. And it is not at all certain that you will actually win just because you own the most land and have conquered the majority of the other civilizations.

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What is it?

A strategy game in the Civ spirit that focuses a lot on cultures.






Approximate price

500: –


12 years

Tested on

Intel Core i5 7600k

GTX 1070


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