Hundreds of bug fixes in major Cyberpunk 2077 update

Version 1.2 of Cyberpunk 2077 should actually have already arrived, but the hack against the developers on CD Projekt Red delayed it a few weeks. It was finally released on Monday, and many players have already downloaded it and started testing.

The update weighs in at 34 gigabytes or more and is out for both PC and consoles. The Stadia version will be updated later this week.

You will find the full list of changes here. It has over 500 points divided into different areas such as missions, interfaces and stability. The latter is surprisingly short considering how much performance issues and crashes players have had, but the points are not very specific either. Point three reads, for example, “various optimizations and improvements in shadows, shaders, physics, workspot system, spawn system, scene system, animation system, occlusion system, and facial animation system.”

In addition to fixes and improvements, the developers have also added some new features, including support for beam tracking on AMD’s new Radeon RX 6000 series.

A quick look at Reddit shows that the developers still have a lot left to do, with both remaining bugs from before and the occasional new bug, but many who comment also seem to be impressed by how much they have managed to fix in a few months.