Hyundai’s electric concept car makes the network drool

Car manufacturer Hyundai has now presented its new concept car Grandeur Concept EV. A redesigned electric car version of Hyundia’s luxury car from 1986. Something that first attracted attention Slashgear.

The concept car has the same rectangular shape as the original, albeit with a new grille, side mirrors and side moldings. And of course retro wheels and plixed front and rear lights.

hyundai grandeur concept inside
Photo: Hyundai

Inside the car, we then find a burgundy upholstery and an integrated digital screen with an infotainment system in wide screen. There is also a vertical screen in the middle that both controls the dashboard’s built-in soundbar with 18 speakers and which can be turned into a virtual piano.

Hyundai’s Grandeur Concept has received a warm welcome online to say the least. Several car fans have then praised it for being an electric car that does not look like just any other electric car.

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