I see Europe and want to paint it black – Destiny 2: Beyond Light release trailer

On November 10, Bungie releases the third expansion for Destiny 2. Beyond Light takes players to the frozen moon of Europe to battle Eramis, find high-tech relics and step out into the darkness.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light gives players access to the full experience of Europe, including a new story, a raid and several exotic weapons and items to equip themselves with. In addition, Beyond Light players get the opportunity to curb the forces of darkness Stasis and give the enemy a taste of their own medicine.

You can read more about Destiny 2: Beyond Light on its official website.

In connection with the release of Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt also starts on November 17 and lasts until February. During Season of the Hunt we team up with Osiris and Crow to investigate and stop an attack from the Hive that corrupts other enemy factions in a new activity called Wrathborn Hunt.

Worth knowing is that with Beyond Light, most things remain from each season until the next expansion, The Witch Queen. This allows you to experience stories and activities, as well as the loot they are associated with, throughout the game’s fourth year.

Out of the storm

Also, do not miss watching Bungie’s video documentary which gives us a little insight into what awaits us in Beyond Light and beyond!

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be released on November 10 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. On December 8, the game will also receive a next gen upgrade on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.