IEM Katowice running with corona limited format – CS: GO

It has been a year since e-sports experienced restrictions on Covid-19 for the first time. Then Poland’s restrictions on crowds began to apply in the middle of the ongoing Intel Extreme Masters Katowice tournament. This meant that the last matches got played without an audience.

Now, a year later, it’s time again same tournament to adapt to prevailing circumstances. After a hopeful press release in December, the organizers said that they will try to play the tournament on LAN, but without any audience. At the end of January, however, the final news came that the tournament will be played exclusively online from various locations in Europe.

Yesterday, the last matches were decided regarding which teams went on to the main event, which started today at lunchtime. Today’s matches are played by group A which includes Astralis, Big and G2. Tomorrow, on the other hand, offers us some Swedish gaming in the form of Ninjas in Pajamas, which have looked very promising since the new addition Erik “ztr” Gustafsson joined the team.

In addition, for the first time, the recently retiring CS “GeT_RiGhT” is stepping in as an analyst. Katowice is considered one of the most prestigious competitions of the year, in addition to the Major tournament (s), and is not diminished by the fact that the team makes up around SEK 8 million.

The tournament can be followed at the organizer’s Twitch channel.