IFA 2021 will be off and on as a physical event

IFA 2021 does not seem to be afraid of corona or the spread of infection as they have now decided to have a physical event like once in a while.

The organizers of IFA 2021 have now decided that they will hold the technology fair just as usual, ie a physical event even though a pandemic is still going on.

Last year was also a physical event, but then IFA chose to invite only a few people and it was not a really big event and much was digital.

But this year they want to be back with a full-size event and now confirm that IFA 2021 will be held just like before the pandemic, the dates that apply are 3 to 7 September and this in Messe Berlin.

But all this obviously depends on whether Germany as a country eases the restrictions and the like, a lot can happen until September, both better and worse.