Ifixit disassembles Mac Studio

It took a little longer than usual but now Ifixit has published a complete one disassembly by Mac Studio, Apple’s new desktop powerhouse.

First, Ifixit notes that the computer is easy to get into and disassemble. Torx screw after torx screw and no glued components here not.

Ifixit has tested switching storage modules between two Mac Studios with a dfu reset via Apple Configurator with the following results:

  1. Switching between two computers with the same size of storage works without problems.
  2. Adding an equally large module from another Mac Studio to the empty storage will not work.

It is possible that Ifixit has missed something in the configuration, for example that the two modules come from different manufacturers, but the result may also be because Apple has chosen to lock each individual Mac Studio to a certain storage amount to prevent customers from upgrading afterwards. .

The fans on the huge heat sink make the fans in all other Macs (except Mac Pro we must assume) look fluffy, and Ifixit’s disassemblers are impressed by the large heat sink but tremble before having to dust it out after a couple of years of use.

Ifixit has so far only done the disassembly and has not published any guide on how to do it yourself or given the computer a repairability rating.