Iguana developer claims first PlayStation could have run games at 120 fps

The more time passes, the more developers learn to master consoles. Sometimes machine life cycles do not last long enough for teams to take full advantage of what their architectures offer. And in other cases amateurs continue to work on consoles long after their official death. Today we are talking about some amazing statements from a developer who worked on the original PlayStation. According to him, the Sony console did not give everything it had.

The very first PlayStation could have run games at 120 fps. This surprisingly surprising statement is the work of Chris Kirby. British programmer Chris Kirby developed several PSOne games in the 90s. And among those games is the PlayStation version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition.

Several months before the Western release of Sony’s first console, Chris Kirby picked up a development kit. He had indeed been commissioned by Iguana UK to port the Arcade version of the game from Midway to PlayStation. And that’s what he did. Alone. During this time, another of his colleagues plancait on the Saturn port of the game. And the two men constantly exchanged on the two machines and the progress of their projects.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition on PlayStation.

Is the PlayStation really capable of games at 120 fps?

This time spent breaking down the code of the game and the guts of the PlayStation has allowed him to learn a lot about it. Asked by the YouTube channel PandaMonium on the creation of this port of NBA Jam TE Chris Kirby made a surprising revelation. According to him, this launch game was far from pushing the PSOne to its limits:

The two machines (the PlayStation and the Saturn, note) were not pushed by NBA Jam. I know the PS1 could easily have run at 120 fps!

Obviously, not all games use the capabilities of the PlayStation in the same way. Which means if NBA Jam Tournament Edition had been able to hit 120 fps, it certainly wouldn’t have been the case for all games.

In addition, screens at the time would not have been able to display a game running at 120 fps. Already the majority of screens currently present in homes can not yet … It is nonetheless interesting to hear a developer of the time make such a statement.

For the record, Chris Kirby explains that NBA Jam Tournament Edition runs at 60 fps on PlayStation. Camera movements and player movement on the floor are 60 fps. On the other hand, the individual animations of the players are done in 12.5 frames per second.

Easier said than done ?

It would be interesting to see what a PlayStation version of the legendary basketball game optimized to run at 120 fps would give. What concessions should have been made to achieve such a result? Gamers will certainly never know.

Finally, note that Chris Kirby has developed several other PSOne games. In addition to NBA Jam TE, he has for example programmed titles like Monster Trucks for Psygnosis or Test Drive 4X4 for Accolade.

What do you think of these statements? Do you believe it? Would you like 120 fps compatible versions of games from the first PlayStation to be re-released? If yes, which ones ? If not, do you think the games should stay as they are? Give us your opinion in the comments below.