IKEA is working for more trust and integrity in the digital home

As our homes are filled with more and more technology, we have been given completely new opportunities, but have also become more vulnerable to new disturbances and privacy-related dilemmas. In order to create new ways to promote integrity and trust in the digital home, IKEA launches today, May 26, its new project Everyday Experiments together with the research and design lab Space 10.

Here, a number of design and technology studios have been commissioned to explore the role of technology in the home and how it can contribute to making everyday life better. With the help of AI, machine learning, augmented reality and spatial intelligence, they have developed concepts where there is an interaction between technology and users.

– By letting technology into our homes, we have wanted to explore how technology can be a part of our everyday life, while we ensure that we still feel safe and free in our rooms at home, says Fredrik Axén, digital manager at Ikea, in a press release.

One of the experiments from the studio Field.io is called Digital Buddy. Here they have created a small avatar that acts as a type of advisor when it comes to privacy issues. Digital Buddy, for example, will help us figure out what we actually agree to when we accept “Terms and Conditions” online.

Everyday Experiments
Digital Buddy is a little AR buddy who will help us keep track of online integrity.

Another experiment is by Japanese artist Yuri Suzuki. As we fill our homes with more and more gadgets that grab our attention, it may be time for solutions that allow us to shield ourselves from all the noise. In Sound Bubbles, users can set up quiet zones in their own home by using spatial sound.

On Everydayexperiments.com you can check out all the experiments included in the project to check out these experiments and many more.