Ikea launches smart air purifier with support for Homekit and Google Assistant

Last year, Ikea launched the air purifier Reasonable, a simple story that costs SEK 600 and can clean the air in rooms of 8-10 square meters. Now the company has launched a new model called Strong Wind which is much more advanced.

First of all, strong winds are available in two designs: a classic model that stands on a high edge and a model built into a small table that can, for example, stand next to a sofa or in the corridor. The former is available in black / dark gray and white / light gray, the latter in black / black and white / light wood.

Secondly, it is connected and can be connected to Ikea’s Wireless system where it can be controlled via Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, reports Homekit Authority. Ikea says that this should apply from the start, but that was also the name at the launch of the company’s smart blinds, which in fact received support for Homekit several months after the start of sales.

Strong winds can clean the air in rooms of up to 20 square meters and have also become quieter, between 24 and 53 decibels according to Ikea (against 28-60 decibels in Reasonable, which is almost twice as loud at maximum power).

Like Reasonable, it has three filters: a coarse filter that keeps away dust, hair and other large particles, a particulate filter that captures 99.5 percent of all microscopic particles (soot and the like) and a gas filter that captures volatile organic compounds as solvents and odors from food.

Swedish prices have not been presented, but in the US, Starkvind will cost $ 129 stand-alone and $ 189 in table form. Reasonable costs 55 dollars in the US, so Swedish prices are likely to end up around 1,400 and 2,100 kronor, respectively, but we would not be surprised if the table model lands at 1,999 kronor to end up below the 2,000 kronor mark.