IKEA releases a new wireless charger

A wireless charger that you can attach a little where you want to get access to wireless charging, perfect under the table for example.

IKEA Sjömärke is the name of the new wireless charger and it is unique in the way that the purpose of this charger is to be able to attach it almost anywhere you want.

A good example is that you can either screw it on or use double-sided adhesive tape to attach it under the table and in turn provide access to QI charging up to 5W. Sea mark will not be able to charge through metal, but many other materials such as glass, plastic and wood.

The distance between the charger and the device to be charged must be at least 8 millimeters, but it must not be more than 22 millimeters.

If you are craving IKEA Sjömärke, it will start selling in October and the price tag looks to end up at around SEK 400.

IKEA Sjömärke