Image of the day: The OLED Switch has better autonomy in a particular configuration

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, at 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the videogame sphere, high-tech or geek that makes the news or who turns out to be completely timeless.

OLED, what a fabulous technology, unbeatable in terms of colorimetric, but not only! Did you know that unlike LED technology, each pixel of an OLED screen is energy independent ? A black pixel is therefore an off “light”, and a dark pixel consumes little. This allows, in addition to having very deep blacks, to have a much less energy-consuming screen when it is calibrated at maximum brightness. Oh yes Jamy!

Supporting evidence in the comparative video below produced by the very conscientious videographer Open Surprise.

Note that playing with maximum brightness is not very common, because apart from outdoors or in transport where it is sometimes necessary to push the screen light fully, this gain in autonomy will be non-existent indoors at you in medium brightness, unless you want to degrade the lifespan of your eyes obviously.


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