Important to keep in mind when shopping for cheap gadgets

We at PC for Alla, M3 and Macworld test hundreds of products every year, and then mostly the latest models that have just been launched. However, we often miss an important product category when we focus on products with the most news value and innovations. The cheap option.

There are several reasons why we rarely test those cheapest TVs, computers or mobile phones that you see in stores or online. This includes logistics. The manufacturers simply do not want us to focus on products with lower specs (and smaller margins), so it is much more difficult to borrow these products than that latest OLED TV for SEK 50,000. Which makes it more difficult for us to solve in a purely practical way.

Now, however, we have chosen to prioritize this area and launch the sub-site The budget choice where we will daily publish tests, gadget sweeps, tips and more for you who are just looking for cheap alternatives. Who does not need the latest features or that glassy design that won the prize at any trade fair. At the same time, there are some things to keep in mind before you go shopping in this segment.

Think about electrical safety

It can be tempting to buy that super-cheap technology gadget from Wish, but what about electrical safety? If you buy a product directly from China, you are the importer, and thus responsible for the product meeting the requirements set by the authorities in Sweden.

When it comes to electronics, the product must be CE marked, otherwise it can be an expensive affair if you plug in that cheap charger and cause a fire. Or if there is a short circuit or earth fault in any product and your stuff becomes live. These are serious things so it is important that you keep track of what you are buying. To complicate matters so have false CE marking has occurred. Such a product does not need to have undergone any of the tests required to be certified with a real CE logo.

Read more here on the Swedish Electrical Safety Agency’s website

Another thing is the warranty, and any support terms. Does it really apply in Sweden if the product is imported directly by you, and if so – how expensive will it be if you need to send back a product? Not to mention delivery times?

When we talk about cheap alternatives and the budget choice, we will focus on product groups we do not normally test, as well as cheaper and simpler alternatives to the gadgets we otherwise deal with on a daily basis. Even when it means that we can buy the products because the manufacturers themselves do not want to lend them to us.

Do you have tips on cheap products you want us to test? Feel free to email me and tell me!