In a month, the new drone rules will take effect

The Danish Transport Agency reminds of that new rules for drones will come into force on 1 January 2021.

Drone cards will now be required to fly drones. The training takes place online at with a subsequent knowledge test. Educational materials are already available on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website.

All drone operators must also register with the Swedish Transport Agency. The operators then receive an ID that their drone must be marked with for possible identification. An operator can be a person or an organization.

Drones now also have different divisions depending on the risk level for flying. The categories are open, specific and certified. For drones up to 25 kg, no special permits are required from the Swedish Transport Agency in addition to drone cards and registration.

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As before, the three basic rules also apply that remote pilots may not fly out of sight, higher than 120 meters (except in some cases) or in a way that is dangerous for others.

The price for an open category drone card is SEK 130 and the card is valid for five years. Operator registration in the open category is SEK 50 plus SEK 50 annually in the registration fee.

The services for taking drone cards and operator registration open on 4 January.

The basis for the decision is that the number of drones in the air is expected to increase, which places demands on both the development of drones and safety in the airspace.

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