Incredibly nice gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to one of my personal favorites, Horizon Zero Dawn, will be released later this year. The other day, Sony showed off almost a quarter of brand new gameplay sequences from Horizon Forbidden West where we once again get to know Aloy in the distant future. The game will be released primarily for Playstation 5, but there will also be a release for PS4.

The new movie reveals a lot about the upcoming game. Guerrilla Games have not themselves told too much about the story, but in the trailer we anticipate a post-apocalyptic San Francisco and an entire underwater adventure. The map itself is slightly larger than that of its predecessor and Horizon Forbidden West takes place mainly along the west coast of the United States.

In Aloy’s arsenal, of course, you can see the faithful bow and various spears, but also new gadgets in the form of, among other things, a Pullcaster that helps with climbing and a new mask that lets our main character breathe underwater.

Are you looking forward to it Horizon Forbidden West as much as we do?