Information: Copyswede wants cassette tax on smartwatches

The investigation into the future of the controversial private copying compensation is still ongoing. But Copyswede does not seem to be on the lazy side of it – according to industry sources for the computer and hardware site Sweclockers The possibility of introducing a so-called “cassette tax” on smartwatches is currently being negotiated.

Exactly how such an introduction would go is currently unclear. Today’s private copying allowance based on product category and storage space. Although smartwatches and activity bracelets can be used to store music, for example, it is usually not in particularly generous quantities.

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To New technique says Copyswed’s CEO Mattias Åkerlind neither bu nor bä.

– Smart watches are not included in the current agreement, but we always have the opportunity to bring it up for negotiation with the industry.

Mattias Åkerlind admits, however, that smartwatches are in the organization’s “eye-catcher”.

– If you look at smart watches, models with built-in music players have appeared where you can move over songs, playlists and podcasts to be able to listen from the watch when you are out running, for example.

The inquiry commissioned by the government, called “A more modern and more efficient compensation to authors for private copying”, will be presented no later than 21 February next year. Then we will learn more about how the future compensation model may be designed.

Private copying should not be confused with pirated copying, which involves illegally making copies of copyrighted material.