Inhuman treatment of employees at Iphone factory in India

Update (2021-12-30):

Following the announcement that one of Foxconn’s factories in India is being placed under “protective supervision” by Apple, a number of worrying details have emerged about the conditions for the employees.

According to a report from the news agency Reuters employees in the state of Tamil Nadu have lived in overcrowded premises without access to toilets. In addition, they must have been forced to eat food with crawling worms in it, which caused 259 people to become food poisoned. About a hundred became so ill that they needed hospital care.

The miserable conditions led to widespread protests among the 17,000 employees, which in turn led to the factory being temporarily closed.

Hopefully, the situation for employees will improve after the negative attention, but it should be pointed out that Foxconn has been in similar blizzards before without getting rid of its lucrative contracts with Apple.

Previously (2021-12-29):

Apple has chosen to put one of Foxconn’s Iphone factories in India under “protection supervision”, reports Reuters.

This after Apple and Foxconn found out that substandard living conditions prevailed in several of the employees ‘workers’ housing. This led to local authorities closing down the factory temporarily. Once the factory is allowed to reopen, only 1,000 of the 17,000 workers will initially be allowed to work on the assembly line.

Exactly what it means that Apple put the factory under “protection supervision” is not clear. Foxconn has in turn said that they will restructure the factory’s leadership and that all employees will be paid while the improvement measures are implemented.