Intel and Samsung show off very fast pcie 5.0-ssd

Storage has long been a major bottleneck in computers. While processors, graphics cards and memory became faster and faster, we were drawn to slow magnetic hard drives. In not very many years, SSDs have finally freed us from the hard drives, and the speeds are only getting higher and higher.

A couple of years ago, the fastest you could have was an nvme-based ssd with pci express 3.0 and speeds around 3,500 megabytes per second. Since last year, computers with pci express 4.0 are sold and nvme-ssds now provide twice as high speeds. But even higher speeds are already underway.

Intel was late with pci express 4.0 but is instead first with pci express 5.0, which is included in the new Alder Lake processors with Core I9-12900K at the forefront. Now the company in collaboration with Samsung has shown an nvme-ssd that takes advantage of the new standard, and it goes away.

In a video that has been shared on Twitter, we see that Samsung’s PM1743-ssd delivers speeds of over 13,000 megabytes per second – almost four times higher than pci express 3.0 disks.

We should point out here that the m2 card slots in current Alder Lake processors do not support pcie 5.0 but “only” 4.0. Only the pci express card slots have 5.0.