Intel chooses to shut down RealSense

Intel tried to develop its own cameras that are smarter than many others, but this does not seem to have gone as planned.

Intel now announces that it will close down the division that develops RealSense cameras, these cameras were first launched in 2015 and were really technically impressive cameras.

RealSense was used as 3D cameras for robots and autonomous drones, among other things, clearly a market that looks to be growing but still Intel chooses to close down.

Intel says the following in a statement regarding the closure:

“We are winding down our RealSense business and transitioning our computer vision talent, technology and products to focus on advancing innovative technologies that better support our core businesses and IDM 2.0 strategy. We will continue to meet our commitments to our current customers and are working with our employees and customers to ensure a smooth transition. ”

So instead of investing in cameras, Intel will, as it now looks, put full focus on chip manufacturing and development. This is perhaps rightly so, while we now hope that Intel can come up with one or two surprises both in terms of CPU and GPU.