Intel launches Tiger Lake – 11th generation laptop processors

Intel promised dramatically increased clock speeds in Tiger Lake, the 11th generation Core processors, and the company has delivered. The base clock in the Core I7-1185G7 – the top model in the first round of new chips for thin, light laptops – is at 3.0 GHz, considerably higher than in the Ice Lake series.

The company begins the launch of Tiger Lake with five processors in what is now called the UP3 and formerly called the U-series, and four processors in the UP4 series (formerly the Y-series).

The UP3 family goes from Core I3-1115G4 with two cores at 3.0 GHz, boost clock at 4.1 GHz and UHD Graphics, to the above-mentioned I7-1185G7 with four cores at 3.0 GHz, boost clock at 4.8 GHz ( a core) / 4.3 GHz (all cores) and Iris X graphics. All draw 12-28 watts.

The UP4 family starts with at least Core I3-1110G4 with two cores at 1.8 GHz, boost clock at 3.9 GHz and UHD Graphics. The top model is Core I7-1160G7 with four cores at 1.2 GHz, boost clock at 4.4 GHz (1 core) / 3.6 GHz (all cores) and Iris X graphics. These processors draw between 7 and 15 watts.

The graphics chips in Tiger Lake have been upgraded to Intel’s new Xe Core with, among other things, support for up to an 8k screen or four 4k screens with hdr.

Another big news is that Tiger Lake is Intel’s first processor family with a fourth generation pci-express interface. They also support thunderbolt 4 and wifi 6.