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Interview: Atrio The Dark Wild devs considered “super ridiculously hard achievements”

Interview: Atrio The Dark Wild devs considered “super ridiculously hard achievements”

Atrio: The Dark Wild looks to be an unsettling survival game where you venture out into a dark world to capture creatures and bring them back to be used in an assembly line as your only hope of keeping that world from destroying you. We reached out to developer Isto Inc to learn more.

Update: It’s been almost a year since Atrio: The Dark Wild launched into Early Access on Steam, so we thought it a good idea to refresh our Atrio: The Dark Wild interview, where we chatted to developer Isto Inc’s Stephen Huang.

Original story: Atrio: The Dark Wild caught first our interest in our Xbox Indie Showcase recap with its striking visuals, and then our attention with its intriguing blend of the survival genre and automation elements. Everything we’ve seen so far for Atrio: The Dark Wild has only raised more questions, so we reached out to Isto Inc’s Stephen Huang. If you’re ready to dive into the unsettling world of Atrio: The Dark Wild, read on…

What is Atrio: The Dark Wild?

Atrio: The Dark Wild is an atmospheric, cyberpunk-inspired post-apocalyptic survival game, in development from Isto Inc.

When does Atrio: The Dark Wild launch?

We don’t yet have a release date for Atrio: The Dark Wild on consoles, but it launches into Steam Early Access on August 10th. We’ll update you as soon as we know the console release date.

What’s it about?

A key question, and one that’s tricky to answer. “Without spoiling too much, you are a disposable android sent on a mission to restore the mysterious Station 3,” Huang says. Aside from that, what we’ve seen so far of Atrio: The Dark Wild has left us — literally — in the dark, and that’s important. To get any answers on what’s happened to the world, to humanity, we’ll need to venture out into that darkness. Aside from the mystery of what happened to the world, venturing into that darkness is also essential to survival, as we’ll need to capture