IOS 14: Biggest news in Apple’s upcoming iOS

The corona virus may have caused Apple to cancel the physical version of WWDC in June, though the developer conference should still be held online and as usual, we will get to see the upcoming news in Apple’s various operating systems. This year it is time for IOS 14, Ipad OS 14, TV OS 14, Watch OS 7 and Mac OS 10.16.

In this article, we gather the latest information on iOS 14:

Update (2020-06-02):

Can support all IOS 13 devices

This fall’s update to IOS can be more of a performance and bug fix update than an update with new features. According to Israeli The Verifier (via Apple Insider) Apple will not raise the system requirements for the new version.

If the information is correct, IOS 14 will work on all Iphones from Iphone 6S onwards, including the old Iphone S, as well as on the Ipad Mini 4 and Ipad (fifth generation) and later.

The Verifier also claims that IOS 14 will be the latest update for Iphone 6S and SE, while Iphone 7 will support both IOS 15 and 16.

Apple insiders point out that The Verifier has admittedly been right about specific system requirements at earlier times, but errors about various other claims.

Previous rumors:

New way to see the home screen

Prior to the launch of new Iphone models, it usually curbs leaks and rumors, while Apple has had a much easier time keeping a close eye on new system versions. But this year, an early alpha version of IOS 14 has leaked and come into its hands 9 to 5 Mac, who have shared many news they found in the system. This means that we have an unusually good picture of what we can expect.

One of the most exciting news that seems to be coming to IOS 14 is the ability to automatically sort the home screen in a list view instead of manually in a grid. Watch OS already has a similar feature.

The list should be able to be sorted automatically based on, for example, those who have new notifications and most recently used (so that you can sell off unused apps). Siri suggestions should also be included, so the list can show apps based on where you are – go to the gym and flip your exercise app up next to the app you’re playing music with.

Apple Fit

Own exercise app

Speaking of the gym – Apple works according to the leaked IOS 14 version on its own workout app with the code name Seymour which is called Fit or Fitness. The app will compile video instructions for a wide variety of exercises, with the goal of making it easier to get fit.

The app should also be used to collect logs from workouts you register with Apple Watch, so that it becomes easier to get a snapshot of your progress at the gym, out in the running track or at home on the exercise bike.

Undo messages

From Macrumors comes another interesting reputation. It is not specifically about IOS 14 but will definitely be used mostly there. The site claims that Apple is testing a undo feature for Imessage, which will hopefully be ready for release this fall.

Augmented reality app

Apple’s investment in augmented reality is well known, with Tim Cook as an avid advocate, among others. Most of it has focused on the eyeglasses the company is rumored to have under development, but the leaked version of IOS 14 indicates that Apple also seems to be developing its own scare app.

The app should have the code name Gobi and one of the features should be to enhance the experience in Apple stores by showing prices and other information about products you are holding in front of the camera. Other companies also appear to be on a corner. According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is to cooperate with Starbucks.

Smart news for the deaf and hearing impaired

Apple has long been at the forefront of assistive devices for people with disabilities, and IOS 14 will offer a nice news for the deaf and hearing impaired. The system should be able to translate a number of commonly occurring sounds whose purpose is to alert you to something that works if you cannot hear. These include, for example, sirens, door knocks, fire alarms and crying infants.

9 to 5 Macs are not sure exactly how this translation goes, but guess it’s a haptic, that is, the phone vibrates in different ways. We can also imagine that the flash or screen can be used to flash, something IOS already can today to show incoming messages and other things.


Many news in Homekit

Homekit has not directly developed at a furious pace, but gradually, Apple has added features and made the home automation platform smarter. IOS 14 also looks to come with several Homekit news.

If you have smart lamps with adjustable color, these can be changed automatically to adapt to daylight: warmer when it is dark outside and cooler to better match sunlight during the day. It should also be possible to choose a default Airplay 2 speaker that always plays music unless you specify another speaker, and smart cameras should be supported to recognize family members and friends.

System Requirements

According to a rumor on Iphonesoft, IOS 14 will probably not have stricter hardware requirements, but will work on the same devices that currently support IOS 13. However, the site also gives a smack and writes that there is a certain risk that Iphone SE and Iphone 6S will be without .

When is IOS 14 released?

In all likelihood, Apple will stick to the tradition and release the new version of iOS in September or possibly early October. As usual in connection with the launch of new Iphone models.

It’s possible that the corona eruption could affect that schedule, especially if all Apple employees who now work from home may not do as much as they had in the office. But it probably takes a lot for Apple to choose to postpone the launch – more likely is that some new features are expected to wait until later.

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