IOS 15: 10 hidden features you need to know

Another year, another new version of iOS. But as with all new iOS versions, there are plenty of features that have been changed and added – small features and tweaks that you will not even notice, unless you know where to look.

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Here are ten of our favorite hidden features that you missed in iOS 15.

Translate everywhere

With iOS 15, you can translate text almost anywhere and in any app. Touch and hold the text to display the text selection window, then drag the start and end points – just like when copying / pasting. You will see that the small pop-up menu has a new translation option (in some apps you may need to press the right arrow to see more options).

You will receive a warning that the text will be sent to Apple for processing the translation. Press continue and a popup displays the translated text and allows you to copy it, change the language, and so on. At present it is not possible to translate to and from Swedish.

IOS 15
IOS 15 can translate between different languages. Here French to English. However, Swedish is not working yet.

Want to translate without sending data to Apple? Open Settings, then Translate and activate Locally on the device. You must then open the menu Downloaded languages and download the languages ​​for which you want to enable translation.

Keep track of app activity

Apple is always expanding the privacy features and with iOS 15 you have a new powerful tool for keeping track of which apps have access to the phone’s features and data.

Open Settings, then press Integrity and scroll to the bottom Register app activity. Select this and then activate the function. It will record a week’s summary of exactly when and how often your apps access things like your microphone or camera, or which domains they visit. Open the menu after a week and you will receive a full report.

IOS 15

You can even tap Save app activity to export one json-fil with all the data, if you like that kind of thing.

Get real-time precipitation notifications

The weather app and its widget have been improved in iOS 15, but what pleases us most are precipitation notifications. This was one of the highlight features of the Dark Sky app, an app and service that Apple acquired in 2020.

To activate the feature, open the Weather app and tap the list of places at the bottom right. Then press the “more” button (three dots) at the top right and select Noticer. You will be able to switch notifications for your current location and each saved location, independently.

With this activated, you will be notified when it will start or stop raining or snowing in the next hour.

IOS 15

Share with Siri

Sometimes it’s painful to share something cool you found online. You need to copy URLs or images, switch to Messages, hold down to paste and hope it works.

With iOS 15, you can ask Siri instead. Just say “Hi Siri, share this with (name)” (or something like “send this to (name)” and Siri will share the content on the screen to that person via Messaging.

Objects such as images, web pages, Apple Music or Podcasts, Apple News and Maps share the actual content (or a link to it). For content that Siri cannot share, you receive a message stating that Siri can only send a screenshot – but Siri automatically takes the screenshot and sends a message to that person.

It’s actually ridiculously simple. Just ask Siri to share something and Siri quickly prepares the item and asks “do you want to send it?” Say yes, and it’s done. No finding and opening sharing menus, no copying / pasting, no scrolling back and forth to the Messages app.

Select text size for different apps

You have previously been able to change the system’s text size, but in iOS 15 you get the option to change the text size individually on your apps.

First activate the function in the Control Center. Open Settings, then press Control center and scroll down to add control Text size.

Once in an app, open the Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner) and select Text Size. The slider allows you to change the text size, while a button at the bottom of the screen allows you to choose between All apps or just the app you are currently using.

IOS 15

Enter reset contact

Your Apple and Icloud account is full of purchases, services, cloud data, photos… If you lose access, there is a risk that everything is gone forever.

Apple has two new features in iOS 15 that address this. Account recovery contacts are people you trust, who Apple can contact to help you reset your password should you lose it. The reset contact can not actually access your data, but if you do a password reset, but are locked out of your own devices, the reset code can be sent to that contact.

To activate it, open Settings and then tap your Apple ID at the top. Then select Password and security, then Account Restore. You now see the option to add reset contact.

IOS 15

Scan text (almost) anywhere

With Apple’s new Live Text feature, you can select text in images from the Camera or Photos app, which can be very convenient.

Even better is that you can use this to enter text almost anywhere. In all text input fields, in almost all apps, tap the screen to bring up the text selection window (just like when copying / pasting). If no text is selected, you will see an option for scanning text, it is a small icon with square brackets with lines inside.

IOS 15
Scan text in iOS 15

Click on the icon and the keyboard will be replaced by a camera view. Point it at a block of text and you will see parentheses around the text with a large blue Insert button. You may receive “slow down” instructions if you move the camera too fast.

Track your turned off Iphone

Finding My Iphone is a great way to keep track of a potentially lost phone. Previously, if someone stole your Iphone, you just had to turn it off to disable tracking. Find can show your device’s most recent location (if you enabled it in Settings), but it’s not very helpful. With iOS 15 comes an Iphone that is turned off to enter an extremely low energy mode that keeps bluetooth active and more or less turns your Iphone into an Airtag.

You will also see a small message that your phone can be found after shutting down when you turn it off.

Keep the night mode off

For the most part, the night mode in the camera app on modern Iphones is something that is good. Especially when shooting in low light.

If the camera app detects a dark subject, the night mode is activated automatically, but sometimes you want a dramatic darkening effect, and then it’s annoying to have to deactivate the night mode in time and out of time. You have to press Night mode indicator and then slow down the timer to zero seconds.

To sprinkle salt in the wounds, it is reactivated automatically after a short while.

IOS 15

With iOS 15 you can go to Settings> Camera> Camera mode> Preserve settings to find an option to preserve your settings. With this enabled, the night mode remembers when it has been turned off and will not activate itself again. If you want to take a picture in night mode, you can start the night mode manually instead.

Adjust the video playback speed

Apps like Youtube have had variable speed playback for a long time, but the standard Iphone video player does not. In iOS 15, it has now got this.
When playing a video, press the three dots at the bottom right, where you can choose from five different playback speeds.

Original article by Jason Cross
Translated and edited by Petter Ahrnstedt