IOS 15.2 makes it possible to use Face ID after changing the screen

Update (2021-11-19):

It is now clear that it will be possible to use Face ID even after changing the screen at an unauthorized service workshop. The change takes place in connection with the upcoming update to iOS 15.2.

A clip published by Icorrect shows what it looks like after installing the latest beta version:

Sharp version of iOS 15.2 will probably be sent out to the public within a month.

On Wednesday, the news also came that it will soon be free for everyone to order original parts from Apple, so hopefully this kind of problem will be history soon.

Previous (2021-11-10):

For many years, Apple has introduced various measures in the iPhone that make it more difficult for independent service workshops to repair the phone. In the new Iphone 13, the company has made Face ID stop working if the screen has been replaced without confirming the change with Apple’s service software.

The discovery was already made in September and was recently confirmed by Ifixit. After criticism, Apple says The Verge that this will be fixed in an upcoming iOS update, so that users who choose to replace a broken screen at an unauthorized service workshop will no longer lose Face ID.

Workshops that are either an Apple Authorized Service Provider or a member of the Apple Independent Repair Program have access to the Apple Services Toolkit 2 software that connects to Apple’s servers and confirms screen changes as well as other repairs. In many countries, however, these are unusual and most Iphone users turn to independent workshops.