IOS 16 will be unveiled in June – here’s all we know so far

Apple always shows off its major annual updates to their operating system during WWDC in June. No platform is bigger, or more important, for Apple and its users than the iPhone. After iOS 15, we expect that iOS 16 will add lots of new features, but without radical design changes.

Remember that nothing is official until we hear it from Apple, but rumors of upcoming iOS features tend to leak all the time. Here’s what we’ve heard about iOS 16 so far.


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iOS 16 will be introduced significant changes in how notifications are handled. The site 9to5Mac believes that the changes also include improvements to the focus mode.

AR / VR functions

Gurman also writes that early versions of iOS 16 (codenamed Sydney) have many references to Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headsets. However, Apple is not expected to unveil a headset at WWDC, there will probably be no features visible to users. What we can instead see are major improvements to the Arkit framework for developers.

New features for health

It is claimed that iOS 16 will have new health features, even if they are not exactly in focus for iOS. What we really expect are new health and fitness features in the Watch OS for Apple Watch and perhaps some features exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 8, which are expected to be launched in the fall.

However, it was rumored that iOS 15 would have some sort of feature for tracking food or nutrients, which never happened. Maybe it was not ready in time, and instead will be part of iOS 16?

Always on display

Even before the iPhone 13 was launched, it was rumored that Apple would finally implement a screen that always showed time, dates and notifications. Something that obviously did not happen, but it also does not have to be related to new hardware. Any OLED screen can handle an always-on function, which means many Iphone models: Iphone X, XS and XS Max, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max and all Iphone 12 and 13 models. It may be that rumors of a screen that is always on are an iOS 16 feature.

IOS 16

IOS 16: wish list

We have previously compiled a list of the features we want to see most in iOS 16, including interactive widgets, Siri enhancements and a new Home app. We do not know if all (or some) wishes will come true, but we can dream.

IOS 16: Compatible devices

We expect the Iphone 7 and later phones to be able to run iOS 16, although some features require new hardware (which is common).

IOS 15 was compatible with all phones that supported iOS 14, from Iphone 6s and first generation Iphone SE. However, it seems reasonable that Apple will fimp the support for phones that have the A9 chip, which means that iOS 16 only works with A10 or better processors. That would mean that iOS 16 will support devices as old as six years, which is outstanding compared to the lifespan of the Android camp.

IOS 16: Release Date

Apple will surely showcase iOS 16 at WWDC on June 6, 2022. There is usually a beta beta for developers available either the same day or later the same week. The first public beta release will usually be released a few weeks later, possibly in late June or early July.

The official launch always takes place in the autumn, usually in September in connection with the release of the new Iphone.

Translated and edited by Petter Ahrnstedt