Ipad OS 14: Five important changes we want to see in the new operating system

Although this year’s WWDC event will be anything but a regular WWDC, we expect, as every year, to see new versions of Apple’s entire operating system. Including Ipad OS 14.

At last year’s WWDC trade show, Ipad’s operating system got its own name for the first time, and quite rightly so, with several unique features. IOS 13 broke down to become Ipad OS 13, and in many ways it is a change more than just the name.

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The fact that Ipad with Ipad OS 13.4 got a new, completely different type of pointer is one of the best news ever presented for the Ipad platform.

So what else is there to want for Ipad OS 14? Sure there are some things.

Better support for multiple screens

Apple, and perhaps especially its users, is constantly challenging where the iPad is actually capable of. The iPad supports keyboard, keyboard shortcuts, mouse with pointers, external storage, usb-c, classic file management, and much more.

An external display can already be connected to the iPad, but support is clearly limited. What if it was possible to extend the desktop area to the external screen, to place one app on the extra screen and another on iPad’s own?

It’s a feature that would give a lot to those professional users who really push the limits of what the iPad is capable of, but that wouldn’t jeopardize the usefulness of those who only use the iPad to watch Netflix.

Many of the aforementioned changes have come to the Ipad OS (and earlier IOS) over the past two, three years, and are constantly challenged (the relatively young) platform. It is being pushed for development.

The iPad can be used with a mouse and keyboard on a desktop. External screens and hard drives can be connected via USB-c, with the new Magic Keyboard Ipad even has the same type of keys as the Macbook series, and in addition two USB-c ports. It’s great for an Ipad.

With that in the back, it might even be time for a…

Desktop mode for Ipad?

With a keyboard case mounted on the Ipad, especially the new Magic Keyboard, you can’t call the Ipad anything other than a computer. The iPad is more computer than ever before, and what if it was reflected even better in the software.

Wish List Ipad OS 14
Photo: Leif Johnson / IDG

Think about if the iPad could automatically jump to a desktop mode when appropriate, and then give access to things like, say, floating windows. It does not need to be activated with any button anywhere, but can kick in as soon as a keyboard is connected to the device.

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Multitasking – constantly needs improvement

A desktop mode would give the Ipad a new level of seriousness, but it would also clarify other changes that need to be made in the Ipad OS. Multitasking, for example.

On Mac, it’s easy. You just put the windows where you want them, nothing more with it. Switch windows with the mouse pointer or alt-tab to the right window. Split view and full screen mode are available for those who want to maximize screen space.

Unfortunately, on the iPad, it is complicated. The iPad started as an interface where only one app could be used at a time. Not until IOS 9 came support to show two apps side by side. The iPad screens have grown since then (on some models), and the multitasking has been expanded in several stages. Most for good, but also a little for evil.

The learning curve for working with multiple windows on the iPad is high, and it is a constantly sweeping, pushing and dragging of windows and icons to different corners of the screen. Not much has happened here since the current multitasking was introduced with iOS 11. Here is room for improvement.

Time for power saving mode

Iphone has it, so why not add one to the iPad as well. Surely it would be good to have an automatic mode that lowered the brightness slightly and paused background updates for later, when more energy is available?

Ipad often has better battery life than an Iphone, but knowing it doesn’t help the times you are still down and snooping on the red. Then a power saving mode needs to come to the rescue.

A calculator (for dream goes after all)

At first it was surprising, then it was strange. Now it’s just ridiculous. Thus, the iPad still does not have its own calculator app. It would actually be enough to have a little calculator in the Notice Center, so this wish does not have to be here every year.

(For those who can’t wait to see if this day ever comes, calculations can at least be done in the search field – better than nothing).

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