Iphone 12 Pro and Pro Max – greatly improved cameras in Apple’s worst

“The photographer’s phone” is what Apple calls the Iphone 12 Pro, and almost the entire presentation of it and the large Iphone 12 Pro Max was just about the cameras.

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The Iphone 12 Pro has the same 6.1-inch screen with XDR technology as the Iphone 12, while the Iphone 12 Pro Max has the largest screen ever in a 6.7-inch Iphone. They use the same ceramic crystal glass that should be four times more durable than Iphone 11.

The frame around the body of the phone is made of stainless steel that has been colored and polished to an extreme sheen, and Apple points out in particular that the gold model has a luster that is more reminiscent of gold than ever.

Another novelty is even better sealing: Iphone 12 Pro and Pro Max have IP68 rating to a depth of six meters.

Sharp cameras in the new Iphone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro has a new telephoto camera corresponding to a focal length of 52 millimeters (that is, about a normal lens seen from a photographer’s perspective), while the Pro Max goes a bit further with a corresponding focal length of 65 millimeters.

As expected, both models have lidar sensors that are used partly for ar functions, but also to improve the cameras. In low light, Iphone 12 Pro uses lidar to focus up to six times faster than with infrared light. Together with the ultra-wide-angle camera with a corresponding focal length of 13 millimeters, the Iphone 12 Pro thus has 4x optical zoom while the Iphone 12 Pro Max has 5x.

The image stabilization has now moved into the sensor, something that has been rumored and which improves the shake protection as it can adjust the image five times faster than in the iPhone 11. Apple claims that it is enough to take two seconds long handheld exposures.

Better pictures – and video

For professional photographers, Apple has created a new format that combines the power of raw format with iPhone’s machine learning-based image processing such as Smart HDR.

A lot is also happening on the video front: Iphone 12 Pro and Pro Max can record video in 4k with 60 frames per second and hdr with Dolby Vision and thus 10-bit colors.

  • Iphone 12 Pro can be ordered from October 16 with deliveries from October 23, with prices from SEK 12,495.
  • Iphone 12 Pro Max can be ordered from 6 November with deliveries from 13 November, and prices from SEK 13,795.