Iphone 13 Pro – finally faster screen

Apple has launched the Iphone 13 Pro and Iphone 13 Pro Max, and continues to invest heavily in the cameras, but also in screen, battery and of course speed.

The camcorder is new and corresponds to 77 millimeters focal length for 3x optical zoom. The ultra-wide-angle camera is almost twice as sensitive to better images in low light, and the wide-angle camera even more so. A new macro mode can take pictures just two centimeters away for really close-up photos. Unlike last year, both models have the same set of cameras.

As expected, the Iphone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be the first Iphone models with a faster screen. The new screen has a variable refresh rate between 10 and 120 hertz depending on what is displayed on the screen. Games and animations become smooth, while stationary text draws less power.

The smart hdr function has, for example, been expanded with filters, which are applied throughout the process and not uniformly in the final image. Even more exciting is a cinematic mode for video recording that provides shallow depth of field, and you can choose afterwards where the focus should be. So you can record a scene with one person in the foreground and one in the background, and try different variations of who the focus should be on while editing.

For the absolute highest video quality, the Iphone 13 Pro and Pro Max can now record in the Prores format with 4k resolution and 30 frames per second. Then you may need to opt for a terabyte of storage, twice as much as the Iphone 12 Pro could have the most.

Just like the Iphone 13 and 13 Mini, the Pro models have the A15 Bionic processor, which is used in a number of new photo and video functions, among other things. Battery life has also improved, up to 1.5 hours in Pro and 2.5 hours in Pro Max. Considering that the Iphone 12 family already had a long battery life, it’s really impressive if that’s true.