Iphone also suffered attacks from NSO’s spyware

In the wake of the revelation that the security company NSO Group’s spyware was used to spy on over 50,000 heads of state, political activists and journalists, it turns out that Apple, which often talks about how secure their phones are, has also been affected by NSO spyware, this writes Amnesty International.

According to Amnesty International, NSO has used so-called “zero click” attacks through imessage and thus infected thousands of Iphone 11 and 12.

Amnesty’s deputy chief technology officer Danna Ingleton said in a statement that “this is a global problem – everyone is in danger and even technology giants like Apple are ill-equipped to deal with the massive surveillance that has taken place”.

The revelation about NSO’s spy program took place through the “Pegasus project”, a collaboration with more than 80 journalists from 17 media organizations in ten countries coordinated by the organization “Forbidden Stories”.

According to NSO, customers undertake to use the technology only in the fight against terrorism or serious crime. But a leak shows intelligence services in states such as Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates and Hungary have used the NSO to monitor activists, journalists and politicians.