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Is Live Service really the way forward for PlayStation?

Is Live Service really the way forward for PlayStation?

Sony has always prided itself on delivering high-quality single-player experiences. Anyone even remotely familiar with the word ‘PlayStation’ will know about titles synonymous with it, such as The Last Of Us, God of War, and Ghost of Tsushima.

However, Sony’s reputation as a single-player publisher may shift focus in the coming years, and it’s all down to the live service model. This is the formula that has shaped popular hits like Apex Legends and Destiny 2, and is steadily becoming the successful business model.

However, it’s really hard to imagine whether or not this is the right move for Sony, a company that has sold off its still-hard-to-get PS5 consoles, based on its premium exclusives. We think there are some potential ramifications afoot, but you can hear it all in our discussion video on the push square youtube channel.

There, you can hear our thoughts on the good and bad of the approach, and what it could mean for Sony, which has promised to release