It Takes Two – Review

Honey, I was crippled by the baby!

To find the stardust in A Way Out did you have to wade through some shit. It was not quite where my expectations were, because after the debut (yes, debut!) med Brothers I did not think Josef Fares could be wrong. A Way Out was good though It Takes Two shows where the co-op cabinet should stand.

A Way Out was a roller coaster to play while It Takes Two offers literal carousels and roller coasters. It sucks (in the stomach, that is) and I hope it never stops spinning.

However, May and Cody would rather get off this shaky journey. They quarrel all the time, constantly have small toxic glitches in each back pocket, and their little girl becomes invisible – and unhappy. It’s the story of far too many families and I think just as many can learn from it It Takes Two.

Before every other weekday is a fact, Cody and May turn into little dolls. At the same time, their houses become a whole world filled with obstacles they can only overcome if they stick together. It takes two, you know?

It Takes Two is a platform adventure that constantly reinvents itself with new perspectives – splitscreen, 2d, top-down, up-and-down – and gameplay mechanics. Just like in the case A Way Out it is impossible to play on your own and you must have someone next to you. Digitally works, but it feels like the game is made for co-op chaos in front of the same screen. Splitscreen is completely independent. The variation is absurd. In one moment we both steer the same steamer while we fight against a huge plastic octopus, to fly through the garden in the next with the help of Cody’s boxer shorts. The roles are often different. When we fly, for example, May handles the cannon with Cody making sure to steer right. May is equipped with a hammer head while Cody shoots nails she can throw herself into. Cody gets a cannon that shoots sticky saw, which can be blown up with the help of May’s (child-friendly) machine gun.

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What is it?

Josef Fares next – and best! – co-op adventure.


Hazelight Studios


Electronic Arts


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Approximate price

400: –


12 years

Tested on

Intel Core i7-7700, Gefore GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM

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