Italian authority: Icloud can break the law

Now Apple is under the scrutiny of a competition authority again. This time it is not about the App Store or iOS but the cloud service Icloud, reports 9 to 5 Mac.

It is the Italian Autorita’s Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM), the equivalent of the Swedish Competition Authority, that has initiated six investigations by Apple, Google and Dropbox. On the one hand, they must investigate whether the companies violate competition laws and / or consumer protection laws in how they run their services, and on the other hand, whether they have illegal clauses in the user agreements.

The investigations will look at four accusations that have been made against the companies:

  1. That companies have the right to terminate the service, even if the user relies on it to store important documents.
  2. That they swear free from all responsibility for data loss.
  3. That they can change the agreements at any time.
  4. That the English-language version of the agreement is the one that applies, if it can be interpreted differently from the local one – in this case in Italian.

As usual, we want to point out that it is always you who is responsible for having backup copies of important documents, no matter how much a certain cloud service or hard drive manufacturer promises. Even if a service has a warranty and pays compensation if a file is lost, it does not get you the file back.