It’s about surviving now Huawei

Since Huawei ended up in bad weather regarding their smartphones, their sales outside China have been a downward trend. The question is, will it ever turn around for them?

They recently released their new flagship, the Huawei Mate 40. Despite their impressive specifications, it is difficult to recommend a smartphone that lacks Google services.

Huawei makes impressive hardware but what do they help when their software does not deliver to the same high standard as the rest of their competitors. Their own app store is very limited and they try to create their own corresponding apps but it will never go home for us who are avid Google users.

How will they be able to replace the social media platforms we use? Then I talk about mainly Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.… We are so dependent on these channels and will have a hard time replacing them. Do you not agree?

The advantage, however, is that there is still the opportunity to play web-based games or why not go out and see what luck you have in casinohuone which will always be available varesig with or without Google behind it. Huawei really knows this with hardware and once they get the chance with the software, it holds up even there.

Which is such a shame. If you do not know what I mean, check out our post about Huawei Mate 40, where you can read about how good the hardware is.

What is it that makes Huawei so awesome then?

You may know their P-series that they have. Since that series entered the market among all smartphones, it has delivered a high class on mobile camera. I myself have had the opportunity to follow and use the P-series – from the Huawei P20 to the latest Huawei P40 – and I am equally impressed with the camera. Both the main camera and the selfie camera.

Samsung and iPhone may brag about their smartphones with their cameras, but I still want to claim that Huawei’s camera is a bit sharper.

It’s not only the camera that impresses on Huawei’s hardware but also their battery capacity and fast charging that it also offers. And that they were also one of the first to enter the market with reverse wireless charging.

I have used the reverse wireless charging more than I thought I would. I have saved both family and friends with this opportunity. Even myself actually as I have been able to charge my private phone with this solution.

Something that is also impressive about Huawei is how fast the devices actually are. There you do not have to wait many hundredths for an app or multitasking to load. Oneplus is also known for its speed and is a class in itself as well. However, maybe you should not really compare these two with each other as I think they belong to different genres.

I want to be able, as I did with the P-series, to recommend Huawei to my near and dear ones and also to you readers. But it’s hard to justify them now that Google’s services are not in their devices.

Who knows, there may be changes soon and if there are, Huawei will fight back, stronger than ever.