Japanese developers are hooked on criticism of the App Store

Epic’s fight against Apple has hardly escaped anyone, especially not in the app industry. Now, several Japanese game studios have expressed support for Epic, reports Bloomberg.

According to the report, it is not Apple’s 30% commission for in-app sales and in-app sales that is bothering Japanese developers (something they have been accustomed to since Nintendo started it in the 80’s) but unclear rules, unpredictable content rating, irrational decisions and poor communication.

Makoto Shoji runs the company Primetheory, which has launched a service called IOS Reject Rescue that helps rejected developers. He says that Apple’s answers are often standard formulations and complains that developers have to behave like obedient servants to get a response from Apple.

Several developers complain that Apple does not have clear guidelines for what content is okay but seems to make decisions based on their own interpretations of the written rules. For example, it could be about games Apple stops because of “sexualized” characters because they wore swimwear, something that is not mentioned anywhere in the rules.

Arbitrary rule interpretations may mean that a system implemented in one game and approved by Apple may later be denied in another game, even though it is exactly the same code.

Japan’s competition authority has announced that it, like authorities in a number of countries, will launch a competition investigation into Apple.