Jaybird Introduces New Vista 2 Fitness Headphones

Jaybird has now presented a pair of new headphones with a focus on fitness by making them a little more resistant to, among other things, moisture.

Jaybird have made themselves known for their headphones and they continue to release news, this time Vista 2 which is a pair of headphones with a focus on training and fitness.

Compared to its predecessor, Jaybird Vista 2 has a better battery life of eight hours in the headphones and another 24 hours in the case, the shell has also been upgraded to be more durable and this applies to both headphones and the case.

Vista 2 is more durable, which means that they are IP68-rated so you do not have to worry about moisture and dust this time, the case is also durable but only IP54-rated.

Jaybird may make durable headphones but they should also deliver when it comes to sound and in Vista 2 we find elements of six millimeters together with active noise reduction.

Jaybird Vista 2 can be bought now and the price tag is SEK 1,999.

Jaybird Vista 2 Jaybird Vista 2