Joxa with the rag? Apple releases cleaning cloth for SEK 250

Update (2022-01-12):

IN stock for immediate delivery

In the autumn, Apple released a number of cool and exciting new products, but also one that stole a lot of attention even though it is not the least bit smart. Or electronically at all.

We are of course talking about the plaster cloth, which made blogs and newspapers around the world gasp for breath. 250 bucks for a small microfiber cloth, how greedy can Apple be? So many seemed to wonder. But the canvas still became popular, and even though it could not suffer from the global chip shortage, the delivery time soon ran out until it was no longer possible to get one before Christmas.

Now everyone who has been waiting for the plaster can breathe a sigh of relief. Apple seems to have overcome the manufacturing problems – or demand – and the screen is now in stock at Apple with a one-day delivery time. For SEK 162.50 extra, you can also have it delivered before lunch.

Update (2021-10-21):

Apple’s most popular product?

The delivery time for Apple’s acclaimed plaster cloth for SEK 250 is now up to a full 10-12 weeks, which means that it is too late to order a copy as a Christmas present.

We can probably count on it only being a matter of time before Apple’s cleaning cloth appears on sites such as Ebay and Tradera and then with a significantly higher price than SEK 250.

The unexpected success has led to hopes that over time we will see more models. One of the most popular suggestions is a polishing cloth, something that would blend in with other Apple gadgets like the iPhone and the new Macbook Pro.

Update (2021-10-20):

Will it be a shiny Christmas?

On Monday, Apple launched a cleaning cloth for SEK 250, something that has led to a lot of funny comments around the net.

In any case, the interest in the plastering cloth seems to be high, because at the time of writing, the delivery time is stated to be sometime between 3 and 16 December on the Swedish Apple Store.

It is hardly possible to blame the global component shortage in this case, because as far as we know there is no shortage of fabric.

If it is extremely important for you to get a cleaning cloth from Apple, we can suggest that you get a similar cleaning cloth if you buy a copy of the Pro Display XDR monitor. Then you need to pay out at least SEK 59,995 per se, but it might be worth it to feel special.


One more thing! Apple releases cleaning cloth

The big news from Apple’s October event was new models of Macbook Pro and third generation Airpods, but we were actually offered more news than that.

For example, Apple has now started selling a plaster cloth with the name Putsduk at the Apple Store. The price tag is SEK 250 and the plaster is said to be made of a soft material that does not scratch.

According to the product information, the cleaning cloth can clean all types of Apple screens efficiently and safely, including nanotexture glass. Despite this, it is only said to be “compatible” with recent years’ models of Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Imac, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, as well as Pro Display XDR. So if you want to use the plaster cloth with Iphone 5 or Ipad 2, it is at your own risk …

Whether the soft plaster is to be classified as hardware or software, we leave to your readers to decide.