Kingdom Hearts 4: a secret already discovered

Determined fans have already managed to decipher one of the secrets of Kingdom Hearts 4, which reveals information that could be important later.

Kingdoms Heart 4 fans did not deserve their reputation. Accustomed to the hidden messages of the creator of the license, the players only took a few days to unravel one of the mysteries of the trailer.

A Kingdom Hearts 4 secret already found

It won’t take them long. On the sidelines of the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 last Sunday, the creator of the license had left a message to the fans on a statue of Sora, with an “X” for the less cryptic. Of course, fans of the saga know Tetsuya Nomura’s penchant for hiding clues and secrets everywhere, whether in trailers or in its communication. Quickly, some began to search for the meaning of this mysterious symbol.

In an interview with Famitsu, Nomura had confirmed that it was indeed a hidden message and no one had deciphered it yet. A few days later, it’s now done. By converting the famous message into Hiragana (one of the four scripts in Japanese), a fan obtained the following text: Beware, the true identity of the voice is Sigurd”.

But who is this mysterious character ?

This secret message was ultimately linked directly to the trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4. Indeed, the trailer was narrated by a mysterious voice. Nomura had confirmed that this was a character that already existed in the universe, but had never been heard from before. This is to be expected, since Sigurd was introduced in the Kingdom Hearts Union χ mobile game. Other than the fact that he resides in Scala ad Caelum and met Brain in the game’s epilogue, not much is known about him.

It now remains to be seen what role he will play in Kingdom Hearts 4. We imagine that it is surely not trivial that the creator of the franchise took the time to create a whole mystery around him. Answer in a few months or even years, when this new opus will give its news. One thing is certain, it will not be this summer. In any case, hats off to the fans, who had already noticed the presence of Star Wars in KH.