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Kingdom Hearts 4 announced. Watch the trailer here!

Kingdom Hearts 4 announced.  Watch the trailer here!

During Kingdom Hearts For its 20th anniversary, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts 4 is under development. Square Enix presented a trailer that both celebrated the series, but also announced upcoming projects. If you’re impatient to see Kingdom Hearts 4, just jump to the four-minute mark there. Kingdom Hearts 4content begins.

I wish I could be with everyone now and feel really hyped before this fourth part of the Kingdom Hearts series, but I actually did not even start the first game that still adorns my game shelf. But maybe it’s time to at least play the first game? If you yourself are eager to start playing the games and own a Nintendo Switch, all the titles are there. Which console Kingdom Hearts 4 will come out on is currently unknown and you can take the labels that we have attached to this news with a pinch of salt.

Kingdom Hearts of course has a very large fan base and many people have already had time to do their reactions and analyzes. Here, here, here and here can you find some.

How did you react when you saw the trailer? Do you also bounce with joy like the examples above?