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Kirby and the Forgotten Land are out now

Kirby and the Forgotten Land are out now

The day before yesterday released Nintendo the platformer Kirby and the Forgotten Land and to mark the launch, a launch trailer for the game was also released.

IN Kirby and the Forgotten Land explores Kirby a ruined civilization where the evil Beast Pack is ravaging. To move on in the adventure, it is of course platforming that awaits the player, but also to save the Waddle Dees to repair a ruined city, Waddle Dee Town. The player unlocks several different shops in the city by rescuing Waddle Dees who then rebuilds buildings.

The trailer uses a humorous tone to describe Kirby’s abilities and qualities.

Kirby also gets help from the cute creature Elfilin who explains to Kirby that Waddle Dees and Beast Pack are in conflict with each other and the two are determined to save everyone.

Port changer Kirby

In this adventure you can use a range of Kirby’s abilities to fight enemies and get around in different 3D worlds. Kirby is of course known for getting abilities from everything he puts in his mouth. In this game, Kirby changes shape completely when he puts objects such as traffic cones and cars in his mouth. The traffic-cone shape allows Kirby to make a strong downward attack that can break cracked terrain and the car moves both quickly and it can also have broken walls if it drives fast enough. You can see more of the kind of transformations called “mouthful” here.