Klarna releases browser extension – Sweden has to wait

The Swedish bank and payment intermediary Klarna is growing so fast and is used by many online stores around the world. Now the company is launching one browser extensions which makes it possible to buy anything in installments without the store having to support Klarna.

The new addition has been added through Klarna’s acquisition of the company Piggy. The extension works by creating a temporary Visa card for each individual payment. The store gets its money directly and the customer pays off to Klarna according to the plan that has been set in the supplement.

Klarna writes in a press release that although shopping via mobile has increased sharply in recent years, 44 percent of all online purchases are made via web browsers on a computer, and 32 percent of all traffic to online stores is via computer (the difference indicates that it is common to search for goods in the mobile but then make the purchase on a computer).

In addition to purchases in installments, the supplement has functions for saving interesting products for later and receiving notifications about price reductions, automatic application of discount coupons and rewards in the form of cashback or gift cards.

The supplement initially works only in the USA, Great Britain, Germany and France, but will roll out to other markets such as Sweden “shortly”. At launch, it can be installed in Chrome and Edge, but support for Firefox and Safari is also on the way.